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Download: (SOS32) Format Post Content in Topic Preview

Adriano Faria

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Sorry for bumping old topic, but I just wanted to say:

For me, this is still working great on latest version 3.4.5! I think this should be default, not sure why IPB on normal doesn't do this...security reasons or resource intensive or something? It just looks way better I think, otherwise usually the text can get all messed up looking (no spaces between any of the sentences and such).

This is now like 2 peas in a pod :smile:

Though I will say, any way to make it truncate some? I know the topic hover mod says with truncation it will break html/bbcode markup, same with the IPC latest posts block [I believe]. Or like Millipede says, is it suppose to do that [because of the truncation breaking what we are trying to get here - formatting in the topic preview - so we can't truncate]?

It would really be fantastic if we could have both, not take a huge amount of room and I think it would look great for people that put some color in their posts. People see pop colors they might have a more tendency to click on the topic they otherwise may not have (a 'blah' looking topic).

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