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thanks the box height went rather high and donation bar is in fixed size, any possible to adjust those? like the donation bar extend to 100 witdh

I haven't looked that this in detail, but you can increase the donation bar width by going to admincp, look and feel, manage skin sets and templates, choose your template. Under Board Index, open up hookDonateSidebar. Look for this:


Below it you will see width: XXXpx

Increase that pixel number, save and refresh frontend.

I haven't looked at the height, but this is a start.
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This is a pretty simple and straightforward plugin, I liked the sound of it initally. However, there are three critical things about it:

1. The copyright removal
This plugin aims to help message boards by allowing them to receive donations. Tacking on a link to a third party looks arbitrary and intrusive to me. I'd even consider purchasing a copyright removal, but looking at your site it seems it's a feature that's implemented only into your commercial products.

2. Donator group upgrade
Changing the usergroup or adding the secondary group to a member who donated is a logical and much needed addition to this plugin.

3. Bar reset after x time
Giving an option to automatically reset the donation bar after a set amount of time has passed is simply saving the time and energy of the people you provide this to as well as giving their donation software consistency.

I'd be grateful if you would consider these suggestions.


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1. I do offer copyright removal for my free mods, as I keep on getting asked about this I'll put some kind of article/guide up with more details soon. I do disagree with your assessment of the copyright, after modding IPB for several years now I've got a pretty strong view on it. I won't fill several pages of this support topic with it but feel free to PM if you wanted to talk more about it.

2, 3. Both saved suggestions. I can't promise a release date. I'm just finishing the Portal update now, the next free mod to receive an update is this one. Any more idea, just let me know.

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If you open Admin CP > System Tab > Manage Hooks > Find Donate Sidebar entry and edit, load Files tab. Now change the settings to like this

This will move it's position to below the nav.

after the update on 3.3.1 the donation bar disappeared :S any help?
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