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(M34) Donate Sidebar

Simple to configure hook that adds a Paypal donation form to your sidebar. With the option to enter your own custom html donate code. Also includes group permissions as well as a percentage status bar of your donations based on an entered goal amount. More information on copyright removal can be found here. Full version of Donation Tracker can be found here.

Find IP.Board 4 version here.

Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

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Mike, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your hook needs to be updated. When I imported the hook, your hook started causing loading problems with my forums. After some advice from IPS Support, I disabled every hook I had installed and when I came to your hook, it caused loading problems 30-40% of the time and even hung my forums up at times. Something in how it's been created is interfering with 3.2.

This difficulty has already been relayed to Tech Support. Could you update this for 3.2. final?

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No problem, would rather it be reported than not know about it, got a few questions to help me better find the problem. How are you using the hook, using the inbuilt Paypal settings or a custom donate code? Do you have the status graph enabled? Were you a user of the IPB 3.1 version by any chance, if so notice any problems before?

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Mike, I had used the 3.1 version as well. I only experienced problems when I tried to import the most recent version you released in June. I hope you're able to fix the problem with this hook and to update it for 3.2 final.

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To answer your questions: I did have the status graph enabled and I only used the hooks built-in settings, I didn't use any custom code with the hook. Also, I had installed the more recent version of the hook and it was causing loading problems with my forums and I'm using 3.2 final. I think it just needs to be updated for 3.2 final because this hook was last updated prior to Beta 2.

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I've just upgraded with some minor code improvements. Please download the latest version and re-install. If possible, uninstall then reinstall to make sure the new hook file and template bit is used. See how that goes, if still causing load problems, try disabling the "General Note" setting as well.

If your still having problems and no one else is able to reproduce this, I will need to research this further on your board as I'm not seeing any obvious problem in the code.

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Mike, I've been testing out the sidebar hook for about a week now and I haven't noticed anything like the problems I was experiencing before. The few problems I've noted, which I haven't posted about yet, have mostly to do with IPB 3.2 not being able to load more than one page at a time in the same browser. Since I updated the sidebar hook with the updated version you've posted, everything seems to be running fine. I'm just running it without the graphics bar, is all.

Thanks for listening to my issue on this and updating the donate sidebar hook.%7Boption%7D

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Hi there,

I have an issue with this hook.
When someone tries to send me money using your hook he/she gets this message:
Your recipient is not able to receive funds at this time. Your recipient must first set up his or her account to receive funds.

But, when someone tries to go to paypal and send money to my paypal address (the one specified in Donate Sidebar) it works without issues.

Any ideas?

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Is everything verified? From what I know that might be the cause of the problem. Apart from that you'll need to contact Paypal, this is the first time that error has been reported to me after many downloads. So I don't believe it's an issue with the Paypal code I use.

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Here's the reply:

Hello Nikica,

Thanks. It appears this is a limitation for Croatia. Croatian accounts are not able to receive donations.

You can however use a 'Buy now' button instead.

If you can modify the code for the donation widget, change "_donations" to "_xclick". Alternatively a developer would need to modify this for you.



Would you be so kind to help me change this in your hook?
I've managed to change this myself in the .xml file.
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