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Download: (X32) LazyLoad


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File Name: (X32) LazyLoad
File Submitter: .Peter
File Submitted: 15 Jun 2011
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This hook loads posted images onScroll rather than onLoad.

Statistics show that the majority of users that visit webpages never end up scrolling down but leave the page too fast.

This hook helps improve your bandwidth and improves page load times by loading images as the user sees them. When the user scrolls down a page images on that page will be loaded in and "faded in".

Browser Requirements:
Due to how Safari handles scripts, this plugin does not work in Safari browsers.

Click here to download this file

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look like doesn‘t work at all...

all image still load at once...

no fade in...nothing

What browser are you using?

Also.. Often depending on your browser it might not seem like it's working.. the best way to tell is to watch your scroll bar...

I'm still looking into the FF issue that Elly mentioned.
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Not working

Tested on IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera

It's guaranteed to NOT work in Safari. I even mention that on the download page.. it's because Safari loads images before it loads javascript so you can't have a script pre-load the images if they're already loaded.

Also.. I built it using Chrome... and was working fine then.. I'll have to poke at again to see what's going on.

Edit: To be honest.. sometimes it really is working and you think it's not because it's set to start loading the image before you actually scroll to it.
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I am not convinced this is working in ANY browser - nor do I get any settings after I have installed the hook either.

Please note: In version 1.1 I've eliminated the need for any ACP settings. If you have the hook installed then the hook is live and working.

Please read the second post of this thread. I mentioned there were no ACP Settings.
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