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Skin style sheets with editor dropdown suggestion for 3.3

KT Walrus

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I hate the Font, Size, and Font-Color dropdowns in the post editor. If users use them, they often result in very ugly posts (especially if your site has several skins that use different colors, etc.).

What I'd suggest is that you add some pre-defined stylesheets like Word has (for 'Heading 1', 'Heading 2', 'Normal Paragraph', etc.). You could get inspiration as to good names for the stylesheets from looking at Word or other word processing app.

Then, the skin designer could implement classes for each of these stylesheets (including a class to show the name of the stylesheet with) and the editor could replace the Font, Size, and Font-Color dropdowns with a single dropdown to choose a stylesheet to be applied to the current section like these old buttons did.

I guess you would have to add a new STYLESHEET BBCode to specify the current style to be applied to the nested text.

This way, posts would be formatted nicely for use with the provided skin. Colors and sizes of post elements would be more consistent.

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