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File Name: Latest Post Block

File Submitter: Pintac

File Submitted: 14 Jun 2011

File Category: Content Management

Supported Versions: IP.Content 2.2.x, IP.Content 2.3.x

A Latest Topics block that lists the Topic Title, number of replies, Topic Starter, number of views, and who was the last person to reply.

There are three different versions of the block so you can install what is best for your board. One with a small photo of the last person to reply, a large photo, or no photo.

here to download this file

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Ok, I am officially IP.Content Stupid.

I went to My Apps > IP.Content and installed the "block_latest_posts_thumb_photo.xml" one.
I grabbed the parse tag from the block: {parse block="latest_posts_thumb_photo"} and inserted it into my IP.Content page with all the other parse tags, and saved.

But when I view my IP.Content page, this block does not appear. What did I do wrong? :hmm:

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