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[XPD] Improved "Next Unread Topic" link


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File Name: [XPD] Improved "Next Unread Topic" link

File Submitter: -RAW-

File Submitted: 14 Jun 2011

File Category: Integration

Love the new Next Unread tool when viewing a topic but hate that it has a habit of dumping you in the middle of a topic with no idea of what the topic title is or a quick way to skip to the next unread topic?

Don't worry, this hook has you covered %7Boption%7D

When using the Next Unread link, it will display a popup box for a few seconds that shows you the topic title and lets you jump to the next unread topic (if available) to save you having to scroll up to see the title then scroll down to jump to the next unread topic.

Check out the screenshots to see it in action.

here to download this file

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