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Removal of the Topic Rating in the Topic Listing


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I don't take topic ratings seriously, so I don't see ratings as a feature that needs to be included built in.

Topic ratings are a feature in IP.Board 3.2 though. There should at least be a setting to toggle topic ratings in the topic listing.
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Sorry to bring up an old post, but there is a dearth of information about the thread ratings. I am looking to convert from my vB site and have test installations of IPB3.2 and XenForo to evaluate.

Thread ratings are useful for forums where each post is a review, since the rating can be used as the product score. In vB3 for all its creaking old age, thread ratings are shown in the thread list and can easily be re-sorted according to rating. vB4 however ditches the easy sorting options and hides them in the lower menu, although the ability to sort by rating still exists.

In IPB3.2, despite having the option to rate threads in the thread itself, the rating no longer shows on the list of threads and there is no option to sort threads by rating, so I really do wonder what the point of it is. And XenForo has no rating options at all.

Isn't it funny how progress to some people (removing bloat and features they don't use) can to other people seem like backward steps? %7Boption%7D

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This is one drawback in using IPB for one of our sites. We need to sort topics by ratings for reviews created. VB does indeed have this and it works great. But, we are trying to do most things in IPB for one project and now our review forums are pointless if they cannot be sorted by ratings.

Can someone please explain how we can add this to the template if rating search/sort is even available to use?

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not sure if this helps, all I could find.

thought there was a ratings mod but.....


Thank you. I seen that app, but the demo was/is down.

I would prefer a sorting option by ratings for the forums as I am trying not to install too many "big" third party apps since I have no idea how the long term commitment of them would be. Coming from VB and losing many great addons over the years when developers stop supporting them, I am trying my best not to fall back into that.

I may just install one of my VB licenses for the forum's reviews area. Besides, I do miss some of VB's features that I could use. Just sucks that there will be yet another register/login for my current project.

Another option would be to use PhotoPost reviews. I hacked that before to make it work for my needs. Too bad I'd have to do the template customizations to fit the IPB look since it doesn't automatically do it like it does with VB.
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