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3.2 - Feature request


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This is not only a feature on a rival premium forum software, but many free forum softwares also have this as a feature. I don't believe this would be a big job to add.

Ideally, the admin should have the option to enable/disable this... Potentially with two grace periods.

If a forum post is edited within the first grace period, the 'Edited by...." text is optional (or simply does not display (easier to code?)). After that time, and if selected by the admin as required, the "Edited by...." text should show.

Pretty please.

It's such a simple yet very effective means of keeping track of change without exposing human errors that are corrected almost instantly.

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As long as I can remember there has been an option to let members be able to choose to tick it or not, you can set it so the option doesn't even show up and the edited by message will appear after they edit a post, so it basically is already a feature.

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I think what I am asking for has been misunderstood.

I know there is already the ability to enable users to optionally add this or not, or to make it mandatory. What I am asking for is the ability to completely ignore this option within the first X minutes of a posts creation. The contents of the first post may update many times (it's a photography forum, new images are added following edits) so I want the forum to show the time and date of the last edit. If, however, my users make a typo during their initial post, I would like for them to be able to edit that typo (let's say, they have a 5 minute grace to spot and correct such errors) without the board showing 'last edited on....'.

It's not a current feature and some board administrators do want this (as my search revealed).

Effectively, like this...

If post time is less than 5 minutes and invisible editing grace is enabled (crap description, yes), do not show 'last edited by' dialogue.
If post time is more than 5 minutes, and "Allow user to remove 'Edited by' legend?" is set to no, show the 'last edited by' dialogue.

Like I said, this is a feature of other forum boards. In certain scenarios, as insignificant as it may seem, this is a very good feature.

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im guessing it might help with abusive mods editing posts of other mods/admins

It's nothing to do with mods.

It's to do with the nature of the forum, and getting the right balance between forcing a user to show when they last edited their post whilst allowing some grace for typos to be corrected.
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This feature is a good suggestion.

IMO, if you have moderators that are abusing their powers, then you have far bigger problem on your hands to deal with.

Indeed but this feature could also help you detect those moderators instead of constantly stalking the logs.
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