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do events in the calendar in 3.2 use microformat tags?


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This is a question and a suggestion.

Question: Does the calendar use


information for events posted in the calendar?

Suggestion: If it doesnt, then I would like to suggest that it does include


information for events posted in the calendar.


I'm sure i've seen this detailed...

found it.

[size=4]hCalendar Microformat[/size]

We have also taken this opportunity to implement the

hCalendar microformat

into Calendar. Microformats are basically universally-accepted HTML structuring that, when used correctly, allow software to read the page and parse it like an XML document. In particular, the hCalendar microformat very closely resembles the iCalendar format, allowing

some software to read Calendar just as if it were an iCal feed


While this may seem like a small change on the surface, the more scripts that support universal formats, the higher the likelihood that other tools will be created to interact with these formats. As you can see at the previous link, there are already tools available to convert hCalendar into iCalendar, and vice-versa.

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