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3.2 Calendar RSVP does not allow un-rsvp


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I added to a post on the tracker that mentioned this very issue but I am afraid it was missed or not acknowledged so I wanted to make sure the community was aware and get feedback on this issue from both ipb and members.

In 3.2 anybody can rsvp for an event BUT only the person who started the event in the calendar, or an admin/mod, can un-rsvp someone for an event. This is a big issue for people like myself who have a board based around events. We need to have very accurate counts of people attending these events and making members send an email to us everytime they want to un-rsvp is going to be a nightmare to manage when events have 400+ people.

Take for example an outdoor event where in the morning the weather changes to rain. A lot of people would decide not to go anymore and getting hundreds of messages/emails to remove them from the rsvp will be time consuming and counter productive.

I beg you to reconsider this and provide the members with a means to cancel a rsvp. It only makes sense.

EDIT: also the functionality seems to be that once you are rsvp'ed the admin/mod/OP gets a small red X next to each name. I am not sure if that is the way to go to un-rsvp people. I would imagine that you should see a single red button at the top of the list similar to the rsvp one but in a red color with un-RSVP or some other text AND also the option for the admin/mod/op to use that red X toremove people. But as a member if I rsvp for an event in 2 week and tomorrow can t go I would expect to go to the calendar and click the same button I clicked for RSVP but this time getting a 'remove me' action

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I usually do not bump my own threads but I would like to get feedback on this issue.
If you are reading this please provide a comment on the issue.

Issue is that the new RSVP does not allow one to un-RSVP once members have RSVPed; which is not the same thing as voting for example where you can see the reason why a vote should not be changed over and over.

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I am referencing this tracker post

Only supermods, or the event owner (if enabled per-calendar) have permission to remove RSVP attendees.

I am not sure what is the logic behind this as rsvps are not the same thing as votes where you should not be able to make changes. I think I mentioned it before but if the event owner has 400 people registered I wonder how that person is going to manage people who need to un-rsvp? It seems to put the burden on the event manager and not let the member make the change themselves.

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here's a view...

a member will see this rsvp and as its new feature will either try it out as a test or as a valid rsvp
if they do later try to remove it
(as may have been just a test or plans have changed)

in its current state
they will then have a bad user experience simply because they can not remove it
in some cases people may feel strongly about the removal for a number of reasons, some of them may be privacy related
only option they have is to get in touch with the site, so then the site has to carry out unnecessary support
plus until resolved the actual event poster may now have a rsvp list including people who will not be going

sure if no one ever changes plans, or use it as a test then there be no problem
but thats a big if imo

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