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suggestion: approve registration by clicking email link rather than admin panel login


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When I receive a "New Registration" e-mail notification, I need to login to the admin page, click "click to review" the accounts pending validation, select the user to approve, and approve it. I think it would be simpler if I could just click a link in the e-mail without logging in. I would operate similar to how e-mail address confirmation processes typically work, where the link contains a unique token. It doesn't have to be very secure since the approving accounts feature is optional anyway.

I mention this because I was once on a trip for a few days and received some New Registration e-mail notifications, but I had trouble logging in with my blackberry web browser because of some error with IP address mismatch or limitation with that browser. Even when I'm not traveling, it would be less disruptive to my daily workflow if I could just click a link.

The same goes for approving posts when "Moderate posts of everyone in this group?" is used.

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I use this hook as well. I won't be upgrading to 3.2 until this hook is upgraded. I can't see the point in getting emails for every new registration. I get up to 50 per day so my inbox would be flooded. Much better to use the hook. This then allows me to check their profile information is correct.


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I can't see the point in getting emails for every new registration. I get up to 50 per day so my inbox would be flooded

For me, it's only about one or two a day.

why have admin validation on at all if you're just going to blindly click on the link to approve new members anyway?

You can't properly validate a member via Admin if you can't view the entire account, which you are not able to properly do just by clicking a link

The e-mail notification I receive has the user's e-mail address and IP address. I can usually tell the user is a spambot or something unusual just by the e-mail address or by throwing this information into Google. (Another feature request: It would be better if the forum did a geolocation and www.stopforumspam.com/ check for me though and displayed the results without me doing anything.)

I can see, however, how viewing the user's full profile in the admin panel may offer more functionality though in some cases.

This hook should make you happy:


That may help some, but it says "This new link is only visible for users that can access the Admin CP." I think I'd want the moderator (not admin) user to be able to validate accounts.

And you would still have t log in to approve it for security reasons...

Not necessarily. It depends what level of security is required for account validation. On one end, you can just disable account validation entirely. On the other end, you can require authenticating with the admin panel and exposing the full admin panel options. In between these two cases, you can require just clicking on a unique link sent to the e-mail address of the administrator.

This request is not a big deal, just a matter of convenience in how I use it.
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