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3.2 Suggestion - ModCP - Mass Delete / Approve Un-Approved Content

Divine Forces

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Currently in the 3.2 Mod CP, when you go into 'Unapproved Content' you are given a long list of content which has been unapproved with a button next to each saying Delete / Approve, as shown below:

It would be nice if, when on that screen, there were tick boxes running down the side (like you would find in the Forum index or Posts), with a dropdown menu at the bottom with options as to what to do with all of the topics.

This saves the constant backward and forth steps to manage unapproved content. (As it stands, you have to click 'Delete', then get sent to a screen like this before then getting redirected to the forum the topic was in, meaning you now need to navigate all the way back to the Mod CP unapprove page if you want to then clean another topic).

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