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IP.Board 3.2 suggestion - Reputation system per forum setting


Reputation system per forum setting should be introduced?  

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Your hostility and figurative foot stomping is counterproductive.

I'm not being hostile but if we're going to be like that then your ignorance and stupidity is quite counterproductive aswell.
How productive is it when someone suggests a new feature, you come along and say that moderators take care of helping members with *everything* (which is what you're implying or at least what the result of what you're saying means) and then refuse to hear when someone else(me) says that moderators can't do everything and that not all members reads everything.

Yes, let's not implement a feature that can help members because we have moderators that does that! Or let's not implement a feature because on your board every member reads all your announcements, stickies, rules and everything. Very productive there.
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Maybe you could implement a custom version of Trader Feedback or something and have them running simultaneously? But have one for Reputation and the other for "likes"

I don't think IPS will be looking to implement such a feature rich rep system with different currencies or "types" of rep as it would have to be fully customizable for every forum.

Maybe this could be addressed as an application for the market place. I think from reading here you may get people that want it even though they didnt think they needed it.....

EDIT: this was at mat not the OP.

The setting would indeed come in handy. And i could not see it being that hard to implement. So consider this a yes vote :P

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