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Username Coloured Across Board


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(I ran a search for this, but could only find a topic about moving these settings to skinning -- sorry if this has been discussed a billion times and I'm just thick!)

One of my favourite mods is the one that colours usernames across the board. I love the way it looks, and it makes it really easy for our users to see what sort of member has responded to their topic. We've got it set so that the usergroups are coloured via CSS, so that it doesn't matter whether we have multiple skins and such, but I'm wondering why it isn't a default option of IP.Board to colour usernames outside of the Online Users and Topic View.

Being able to have that choice would be fantastic. And much less mucking about when it comes to upgrading the software. Half the time I don't run upgrades because I can't bear going through and putting the mod back in. -___-

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