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Download: Echelon Mp3 Pro Player

Echelon One

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File Name: Echelon Mp3 Pro Player
File Submitter: Echelon One
File Submitted: 08 Jun 2011
File Category: Modifications

Echelon Mp3 Pro Player

An highly detailed and professional looking Mp3 Player for IP.Board brought to you by Echelon Designers.

This mp3 player has been designed as an alternative to the default IP.Board BBCode media player with a black gloss mp3 player with a few extra features. It is designed for dark skins, but will also look cool on light skins. Fully tested under IP.Board 3.1.x. The BBCode XML file is formatted for IP.Board 3.x.x, but the settings could easily be entered in to earlier versions of IP.Board not supporting BBCode XML Importing.

Features include:

  • Mp3 ID3 tag read (if available from Mp3 track)
  • Auto-switch to File title read if ID3 tag is not available
  • Long track titles auto-scroll if longer than the preset width
  • 20 Band Sound Spectrum Analyzer (Realtime)
  • Full 'Scrubber' bar to advance Mp3 track
  • Pause & Play buttons
  • 'Streaming' Enabled by default (disable via simple bbcode edit - *see Advanced Settings)

Download includes:
  • The main mp3 player file
  • A BBCode XML file
  • Preview screenshot image
  • Installation Guide (Text file)

Also, demonstration available on http://helldogsunleashed.com/

If you like this product, then you may like our other products available from our website. Visit us today!

Click here to download this file
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Wow I tried this.
But after I highlight it, nothing shows? 320kbps mp3 used.
More info :; I uploaded the swf file to my forum home and uploaded the xml file thru the admin panel as per instructions. Went to make a test post with it and nothing shows. The player is in the drop down list :)

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Wow I tried this.

But after I highlight it, nothing shows? 320kbps mp3 used

It should be highlight the link to your mp3 file then select 'Mp3 Pro Player' from the 'Other Styles' drop down menu.

This will add the tag


around the link so when the post is made the correct tag is added.

Let me know if you still have any issues. :smile:

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It would be very nice if you could make an mp3 player for the profiles where users can upload their own music. :smile:

This is something that will be looked into once IP.Board 3.2 is released in at least a 'Gold' version.

The current player was designed with simplicity in mind, and is not really suitable for any other purpose apart from inline topic playing. Further developments will be made with many additional features including playlists, etc.
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Hi Timberwolf1771,

I am assuming that you have your forum installed in a sub-directory, which causes the embed code to look in the incorrect path for the swf file and therefore fails to show up. I need to find a way of getting this to parse the forums url string, instead of using a relative path which would fix this path issue. However, there is a fix you can do for now that will fix this.

Since, you have imported the BBCode XML File you will need to edit it and just add your full domains url in to 2 lines where the player is referenced.

Edit the BBCode Mp3 Pro Player and in the Replacement code find the 2 occurrences of this:


And change it to this:


The 'path_to_your_forum' is just the folder name. You will find this in only 2 lines, so it is simple to fix.

This forces the embed code to look in the correct directory, if the forum is installed in a sub-directory and not the webroot.

Hope that helps.


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All you need to do is highlight the mp3 url, then select Mp3 Pro Player from the 'Other Styles' drop down menu. This places the [mp3a] tag around the mp3 so it will be parsed in to the mp3 player, when either Previewed or Posted.

The full url of the mp3 should work fine, unless the mp3 is of a very low bitrate, in which case it will fail or sometimes they play but the Spectrum Analyzer will not work. Best results are from 128k bitrate mp3's or higher.

See, if that works - if not try another copy of the mp3 that is an higher bitrate than what you are currently using.


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Yeah, I figured that was my problem, but I just couldn't find the song I was looking for to test it out, lol, so I found a site to upload the song and gave me the link and it works just as you said! Very happy. I've also registered at your site and looking at a few things there. Keep up the great work.

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Works even with 3.4.5, however big issue. If you have multiple MP3's embeds per page, it kills the bandwidth of whoever is looking at it (if they listen to the song or not.) and my site. It appears it downloads before you play, not when you click play. I know that means "Buffering" but most people don't have unlimited bandwidth on their Internet Connections. So I have to stop using it :(

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