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3.2 Skin Proposal


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Dear all,

I have spent a few minutes now trying to sketch a theme I would like to use for my new installation of the IPB. It is far from complete but I would like to share the proposal with you for a discussion regarding the new theme of IPB 3.2. We all know the new IPB is very very good, there has been a lot of great coding done that will bring a great improvement to our online communities. I think it would be great if the new IPB could come with a theme which is the same way innovative if not revolutionary and I have listed some principles I would wound useful for my IP presentations.

1. Simplicity

The theme must be absolutely simple in terms of colours used, frames, backgrounds etc. Ideally, there should be almost no 'theme' visible as it should step beck enough to give space to the page content. In my proposal, there is only a say branding colour in the top portion which may be specific to each of our presentations, the rest is white or black and white. Like that all the profile icons will stand out and so will the gallery images, smilies etc. At present there are three horizontal 'stripes' at the top portion of the page, I think these could really be simplified into one. I think generally the theme as I plan to have it should be as simple as the user interface on the latest tablets and phones.

2. Readability

I found important to give a clear hierarchy to the text by the font size, i have made some description text much smaller than it is in the default theme so that for example the forum names stand out of the page.

3. Usage of space
I would like to simplify the top branding bar not to be as tall, the area of the bar is seldom used and takes valuable space, our logos can be smaller as returning users will not need to see the large logos again and again. In this area we can fit all the search fields, notification icons etc.

I have removed some data which i never use, i never read the information about the number of posts and replies in forums. I have also removed the forum icons and I have replaced them by photos of the last post authors. like this the page gets more logics as the user photos are always on the left side of the text (latest bloxs, latest posts)

By doing this I have got a space for additional column on the left side. The problem I have been often facing on my presentations was that I had to list all the hooks on the right side while the list of my forums was rather short, this created disbalanced layout of the page. Like this we would get a valuable space for hooks (left hooks) or vertical banners.

Well that's about it for now, I would like to know your ideas and suggestions.. :smile:

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The only major gripe I have is that the navigation tabs seem too short... try making them like 5-10px taller. They feel a bit cramped ATM.

Also, are you right aligning the site like what you have in the screenshot? It seems to me like there is a lot of wasted space on the left...

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I am running 5 sites and I would like to distinguish them by the top colour, puple-violet would be only one of them and of course every admin could chose the one he-she likes.

The alignment was to try to test the space I would get on the left side for the left hooks/banners.. which I havent shown.

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Two columns are already a little too busy in my opinion. That's why I get rid of the sidebar.

I'd be annoyed at having a third (left) column thrust on me that I had no choice but to view.

While you make some interesting suggestions, I really don't want IPB (or any forum software, for that matter) to turn into a three column website.

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