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3.2 Hovering on Board Index

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EDIT: Just seen there's already a topic! Can Close this & Post @ http://community.inv...x-non-existant/

On this 3.2 Beta Board, when hovering over the title of a topic when the topic title gets cut off, instead of helpfully giving you the rest of the topic title like it did in 3.1.4, it remains cut off and simply adds an out of place bracketed sentence at the end.

I'm not entirely sure if this is just a bug or not (not showing the rest of the title), but if it's intentional then IMHO it was more functional on 3.1.4 where you could instantly find out the rest of the topic title when it was cut off.

Example of 3.1.4 (Showing the rest of the topic title):


Example of 3.2 Beta:


I know this is a small thing! But that just goes to show how perfect I think the rest of 3.2 is :rofl:

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