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Report IPB 3.2 bugs, glitches, shortcomings here


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Maybe I didn't search well enough, but, so far, I don't see any topic with this subject...

First off all, I really like new 3.2 version :smile:

Now, off to the subject...

I'll start with three items...

1. When View New Content>Past 24 hours (or longer time span) is selected, it doesn't say how many pages are listed. All we got is "Next" button.
When I log in here daily and I go for the above search, I'd like to know how many pages I'll have to go through.
It used to be 1, 2, 3... page buttons at the top and at the bottom.

2. I'm not sure what's the purpose of this:


When I'm done with reading through a list of some new topics/replies, I just want to click one simple button, like it was before "Mark board as read".
Why am I forced to click twice?

3. I'm not sure, if I like this:


I think, I liked up/down arrows better.

That's it....FOR NOW :smile:

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lack of pagination I have already reported.

it would be very bad not to have pagination.

i really feel VERY bad that once I load VNC and I dont see how much time will I have to spend to go through all of it.

not knowing how many pages are there and clicking next hoping it would be the last page really really really angers me. cant plan my time. I'm admin of a huge forum so theres definately a problem here.

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