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File Name: Delight
File Submitter: ehren.
File Submitted: 03 Jun 2011
File Updated: 03 Jul 2011
File Category: Professional Skins

A light, professional and highly customizable theme. Delight ships with a live color picker that lets you choose between all colors and shades that actually exist (16 million). You can also set predefined colors.

Key Features

  • This skin is fluid
  • Comes with a custom team icon
  • Guest welcome message
  • Ajax popup login box
  • Custom dropdown menu
  • Fancy ajax "Go to Top" button
  • Compatible with all official IPS addons
  • Header's PSD included
  • Avatars in forum view
  • Live color picker

Click here to download this file
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Couple of small problems i'm sorry to say

1. sidebars have not taken on the colours as you can see here : post-147597-0-13300600-1307375807_thumb.

2. bit of code showing by user name on index post-147597-0-94493500-1307375882_thumb.

3. footer are should have translator in it like : post-147597-0-57824500-1307378568_thumb. but shows blank

Apart from these its a great skin, I love the entire concept of it :D

PS. where did you hide the board width lol I like em to be around 98% ;0

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I would Tom but every time I tried to register it throws an error and I gave up, anyway aren't we all supposed to give support here for our product ? especially paid ones :wink:

I don't remember reading anywhere that giving support on these forums is a requirement. Try contacting Olivier and see if he can generate you an account :)
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I just bought and installed Delight. It's a really nice skin.
Question though: How can I change the color permanently? I would like to disable user ability to change. I am not a big "Coding" person though so the HTML portion is a little confusing.
Can you quickly explain for me?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Some customers wait on their site 40 days for get some answers about serius issues with this skin .... i also wrote about some issues and never get some answers ...send PM but no resposnse ...wrote in bug tracker ..nothing...

did not recommended sellers like them ... will post on my site those skins what i paid for free download ... it is shame to take money and after that disapiered ...

Post 1.

Posted 06 June 2011 - 10:29 PM
When you are using IE 9 and you use the quick reply to reply to a post there is no buttons. All that happens is the reply box opens up and no buttons to actually post the reply.

Another quirk that affects all browsers is the stats at the bootom has a scrollbar when no birthdays are shown for the day. It seems that as the stats box gets smaller it creates frames. This is probably a misplaced clearing div.

Other than that Delight is the absolute best skin yet from you. I love it and my users love it.

Post 2.

Posted 06 June 2011 - 10:35 PM
Here is a screenshot to show what happens with quick reply.

Post 3.

Posted 26 June 2011 - 03:21 PM
Has this been fixed? On the demo it still is broke.

Post 4.

Posted 04 July 2011 - 07:31 PM
Just upgraded to the new version. Still no reply when using quick reply with IE9.

I guess this will never be fixed. It's a shame because this is a great skin. It's not usable with this bug when most of my users use IE9.

Post 5.

Posted 14 July 2011 - 02:18 PM
Yes...i agree with you...have same problem and have Delight v. 1.0.2

Hope that will be fixed soon ...

Post 6.

Posted Yesterday, 07:25 PM
I think also that will be never fixed ...and shame for all who sell products on that way ... and also shame for support.

Never get some answers... and help....

Make your opinion ... both of them (authors) were on site all those days ...

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If you have a lot of users on your community that use IE 8 or 9 then I would stay clear of this skin and any skin they have for sale.

Ever since Oliver brought on the new dev things have went downhill. They have not released one skin that works as it should on IE 8 or 9 since the new dev started to code the skins.

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