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"consistency" of css and templates in 3.2


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Hi Invision-Team,

we are currently working on a custom theme involving ip.content, ip.gallery, ip.blog and ip.content. We noticed that the applications are not always perfectly integrated. As for the css different css styles are used for the same layout elements in the different applications. This increases the effort to adapt the theme.

a) will this be changed in 3.2?
b) is the dev team aware of this issue or should we give you more details on what should be modified?

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This has largely been rectified in 3.2. It is important to keep in mind that all of the products should have some different CSS classes in certain places, because they all have unique layouts to an extent. However, 3.2 uses a more modularized CSS approach so that CSS classes are designed to be stacked on elements, and thus most of the addons have been heavily updated to use this approach, rather than define their own classes and ids for styling purposes.

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