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FWIW I put off buying until I was sure 3.2 support was going to be there you were scaring me away getting upset with some people %7Boption%7D I have an IPB widget that needs to be done for this as well but as it is Nexus based the code aint there to help work it out and the support aint there because they don't support 'development' talk about catch 22!

ok I'll look into that. I was going to definitely do some sort of custom fields setup. It will be slightly complicated as I can see the need for several types of custom fields. Some may be needed for a product whereas some may be needed for a review.

I am quite happy to fit into what we can cook, my preference is that what's developed can be in the core so that it is supported for upgrades rather than mods which mean re-doing code each release if you know what I mean, it can be really tedious to re-work add-ons as time goes by... been there done that.

movies a while back and I put settings for actors and ahd those links sort of like tags and was thinking of putting somethign similar in this.

When you get to the point of doing it yell (privately) and we can work it out. The handling of the user/asset id is the important bit for the review system on the site. Without it not so bad as such but with it makes it suit hugely better.

The links for deals is another thing I'm not sure whetehr to put in the default or do it jsut as a custom change. I'll think about that also.

Well my opinion %7Boption%7D it is something that would be nice for all.

I'm still not sure if I understand everything you need though.

No problem .. as I said when you get to the point of doing it yell, don't worry about adding anything before 3.2 I am only tinkering with the system to see how it works. Once the processing is there I may ask for some display work but I may be able to do that myself.

probably best to just tell you a query to run to fix it. If you're using it on a test site then I could just upload the new fixed version and when yuo fresh install on a different site it will work.

On the test system I made it a text field I will not be putting it live for a while, maybe not until after 3.2 depends on other stuff happening and I still need to work out points(rewards) for our new simulation interface 2 years of coding about to go live so it is getting to the scary time.

Thanks for the feedback, I know it is a low seller but maybe it will be a slow but sure seller, can't be any worse than my last app release one sale for about 6 months development (bah humbug).
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oh ok you already added the field yourself? It will work fine as text. Just saves more space if varchar. Which of course doesn't matter much anyway with the little amount it would save.

Are you the one who talked to me about this app a while back? Since you've used php it remidned me someone did mention having made things in the past. You'll go into shock if you need to do much with the code as I didn't do too much commenting throughout it and did some things in a weird way at times. Originally it was only for me so I didn't care about commenting thigns and making the code "look" best. Functionality-wise I mostly need to cache some things in the future though, in my opinion.

As for supporting I would have supported it for 3.2 no matter what. :) Also it "seems" it may not even need much changing for 3.2.

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Are you the one who talked to me about this app a while back? Since you've used php it remidned me someone did mention having made things in the past. You'll go into shock if you need to do much with the code

Don't remember .. I will be trying to avoid messing with the code if I can more than enough on the plate already. If we can organise most of what I need with you tinkering then that's my preference.
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ok, the update is here. This is an exhausting project to work on because this app is quite massive for an app with over 1,100 lang bits and total file sizes of over 2 MB.

I wanted to change the buy images to use lang bits where you can change the words, but for now you'll just have to make new images if you need to as I really didn't think ip.board badges are big enough to look good, and those were what is best for words on image.

I thought of adding wish list, my reviews, my deals, and collection to the navigation area, but felt it would be too many links.

At some point I want to change the whole way some features are handled on the back end.

Quite large changelog yet again considering how long updating to 3.2 alone took due to re-skinning.

The following methods are used as far as messaging:
report: notification
ban: notification
approve: notification
decline: notification if no reason given, otherwise PM
redirect: same as report
deal punished: notification
review deleted: notification
deal deleted: notification
takeaction: same as report

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It doesn't really have any thread integration. It's mostly for reviewing products. You could technically link to a thread in a review, but there would be no mention of it in the thread and it would probably be confusing. If someone wants it used to revierw threadas that would have to be a custom paid project because most people are going to want to use this unrelated to threads.

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It depends on exactly what you would want it to do really. I'm not good with ajax, so for oen thing it would have to be a situation where you click some button in the topic that says review thread or whatever you want it to say and then it will go to a page to review it. But then what elose would need to be shown in topic view? It would probably be at least a couple hundred dollars depending on what needs to be changed.

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Well for where to buy there's an icon on the product page ocne it's been added where it's called "deals" where you can give links to sites selling them. And you can ise an image to be shown as the main product image from the ACP forms, but as far as a sepatrate section for each actaual review there's not one. It "should" allow images to be put in the body of the review if tehre's a link to it. I had it where everything is basically via links rather than being able to upload the images within the app itself though. I just always had images ouploaded on my server and gave links to them.

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