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(M34) Timeslip System


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(M34) Timeslip System

This is the legacy IP.Board 3.x version. View the new IP.Board 4.x version here.

Have your members submit their race times and share with others. Integrates with Garage. With many supported racing times including sixty foot, 1/4, 1/8, 1K Foot ET and MPH. And the option to add custom fields and events for timeslips.
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Feature List:

  • Optional advanced statistics page, including newest timeslip, fastest 1/4 mile et and most powerful vehicle.
  • Full integration with our Garage System.
  • Support for custom fields in main page and timeslip view page.
  • Support for timeslip events, where members can add timeslips in a created event.
  • Detailed Timeslip race page, with all timeslip details displayed, including timeslip and dyno images.
  • Extensive filter options for timeslips, including status filter, order by, order how and maximum results per page.
  • Automatic resizing of timeslip or dyno images that exceed maximum image width and height.
  • Per group option to require approval of all new times or updated times.
  • Per group options for who can view, add, edit and delete timeslips.
  • Restrict the number of timeslips allowed per member for each member group.
  • Choose which groups will require a timeslip image for 1/4 mile et's below a certain time.
  • Optional personal message when a timeslip requires approval.
  • Give your members the ability to upload a timeslip or dyno image with each timeslip.
  • Select which field will be used and how timeslips will be ordered by default. e.g. 1/4 mile et or sixty foot et.
  • Included sidebar hook block, customize the order timeslips are display. e.g. newest timeslips, fastest 1/4 mile et or most powerful vehicle.


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Only currently supports 1 grouping of race times, doesn't have the ability to have categories/events. I do have the code but I haven't introduced it as a feature yet until I've got some more time.

Ah too bad. Categories + Custom fields would make this the perfect application for all time record holding.
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