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Download: GGT_Photoshop Online


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File Name: GGT_Photoshop Online
File Submitter: Gorbo_MK
File Submitted: 22 May 2011
File Updated: 23 May 2011
File Category: Applications

This modification will allow your users to create, edit and manipulate images directly on your forums by using pixlr.com's service.

Very easy to install and nothing to setup!

Note: This is the first mod I have submitted so any feedback would be appreciated!

Click here to download this file

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Great app!

One small suggestion: it would be better to insert width = 98% instead 1500px

Because this is really just an iframe, it seemed to fit better using px vs %.
But for those who want to change this, simply go to:



<template_content><![CDATA[<iframe id="pixlr" type="text/html" width="1500px" height="1000px" src="http://pixlr.com/editor/" frameborder="0"></iframe> 

Change to:

<template_content><![CDATA[<iframe id="pixlr" type="text/html" width="98%" height="1000px" src="http://pixlr.com/editor/" frameborder="0"></iframe> 

Then just reupload the package and install like normal.

[quote name='Deano

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