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Download: Animal Rank Image/Group Kit

Echelon One

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File Name: Animal Rank Image/Group Kit
File Submitter: Echelon One
File Submitted: 15 May 2011
File Category: Group Team Icons

Animal Image/Rank Collection Kit
Brought to you by Echelon Designers

How to use the Animal Kingdom Image/Rank Collection Kit PSD

With this creative kit you can create over 5,000 variants of these rank images, unlike any other we have released before. For full benefit of using this kit, we recommend an application that is capable of editing the PSD file which we created in Adobe Photoshop CS3 with a Web 2.0 feel.

Our unique PSD allows you to create numerous variations of the set. Each section is grouped to allow you to easily change any detail. All 4 animals included use dual layer blending. By default all animals are in Silver, if you remove the layer effects then it will show the Gold versions within the Smart Objects.

The Paw Prints included in white or yellow, these can be adjusted by double-clicking into their Smart Objects and editing the layer effects used.

PSD includes:

  • 5 x Rank Title Text (2 sets - 1 White & 1 Black)
  • 14 x Button Backgrounds (Color Variants)
  • 4 x Animals (Dog, Cat, Bird & Rabbit)
  • 2 x Animal Paw Prints (Dog & Cat)
  • 1 x ReadMe.txt file containing this information and other details

Any gray colored coded layers are not used in the actual design, these are for development purposes only and do not show on any images.

Every element is editable, including the contents of all Smart Objects used. Just double-click the layer icon to view the PSB file, make your changes then save to update the main file.

In the Examples folder you will find 10 example ranks we have created using this Animal Rank Collection Kit. You could add your own animals to the buttons or even change the niche completely.

For more rank sets covering many niche and color schemes come and visit us today!

Click here to download this file

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