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Editor pans in 3.2


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I just want to post my impressions to the new editor.
At first ... well done.

Let's point at the actual editor:
The sidebar is a goot idea to move all the information into.

But it makes the whole editor overloaded.
That brings me to the idea ... make the options sidebar hidden by default and expand it by cklicking on a button to this view. Actually how it is working in 3.1 at the bottom. :)
This will make the look more clean and easier to use. You won't need all these options all the time.

Second ... where is the smiley bar? It seems to be that the poup is forced? I rather like the static sidebar for smileys. Simply most boards use the :keyword: and posters don't want to open a popup, insert a smiley, open a popup and insert a second one ... and so on. So please think about to make it more user friendly and bring it back as a sidebar.

These are my two cents for the editor ... the propably most important thing at every board. No editor, no forum. ;) You should take a good hand and time for it.

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