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3D Medals-Red (Awards)


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File Name: 3D Medals-Red (Awards)

File Submitter: DarkRider

File Submitted: 10 May 2011

File Category: Other style options

From Alliance Designs...

A collection of wickedly 3D beveled forum medals. Admins reward your users in style with these brilliant medals! Awards included in this package:

  • Subscribed
  • Donated
  • Top Shouter
  • Top Poster
  • File Sharing
  • High Reputation
  • Global Mod
  • Helpful User
  • Popularity
  • General Awards (x3)

To Install:
Step 1) Upload Images to Image Share program (ie Photobucket, IP Gallery, etc)

Step 2) Then in the ACP under My Apps > Awards and "Add an Awards Category"

Step 3) Select "Add Award to Category"

Step 4) Name the award, paste the direct url to the uploaded image, give a reason for the award, and select your new category.

Step 5) Save to add the award, rinse and repeat steps 4 and 5 for each additional medal.

Look for matching Team Ranks and Pips by Alliance Designs!!! %7Boption%7D

*Note*- Suggested for use with (PIN) Awards Management System by peaderfi but may be used with any Award system

here to download this file

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