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3.2 Suggestion: Listings of users


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Thank you for the 3.2 preview. Good work.

IMHO IP.B should rethink presenting listing of users (Members tab). In 3.1 and 3.2 each item takes too much space and forces users to scroll a lot. Also more packed users' listing should provide better impression of having rich and dynamic community.Moreover overall usability would be improved (now we have to look on the left to find who we need and then move cursor to the far right to click on an action). It would be great to have members lists style (also in user searching) look more like Friends in current user profile view (more FB-like, just a photo + actions).

In general IPS should move step by step away from typical forums look & feel and embrace more that it's not just another forum software but a community package. In communities users are less interested in finding out who registered when or how many post he has. They just want to see photo and see is it's that person online to make a new connection.

Thanks for considering it!

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