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Download: Military Ranks For Your Forum


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File Name: Military Ranks For Your Forum
File Submitter: Jon C.
File Submitted: 01 May 2011
File Category: GDK (Graphic Development Kits)

With my PSD, you can create endless amounts of user ranks! You can use these for team badges, rep bars or member ranks!

Included is a highly customizable PSD with over 40 military images, special fonts and a unique layout.

I just finished with the use of these on my forum, so I might as well spread the joy and let all of you try them out on yours!

If you found my PSD useful, why not drop by my site, http://mldxgaming.com and say Thanks!

Details on Editing;

-Open up the PSD in Photoshop

Choose from tons of military emblems to customize your ranks.
Type in the rank of your choice
Save as .png

Upload to the path 'public/style_extra/team_icons/'
Create a corresponding rank in your "Member Ranks" tab in the ACP and voila, your very own forum rankings.

-Jon C.

Click here to download this file

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