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3.2 Calendar + Nexus = Selling Tickets


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Given the new RSVP function coming in calendar 3.2, what would be great is if we could formally combine it with a nexus product to sell tickets to an event.

So for example if you organised a bus trip with 50 seats you can create the event in calendar with RSVP and could include a link to a Nexus product where you sell tickets for the bus and set the initial stock level to 50. What would be great though is if when setting up the event in calendar and using the RSVP you could formally link the event to the Nexus ticket item so that clicking on the RSVP takes you to Nexus, sells you a ticket and then takes you back to calendar and adds you to the attendees list.

It's a bit like the link to the downloads and charging for those through Nexus only doing it for events.


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