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IPB 3.2 - No "like" for posts then?


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From the recent blog entry I read that you will "follow" content rather than "like" it - is that the case? or does it just apply to topics / forums?

I didn't see any reference or screenshots to a "like" link for posts - is that something that is going to be discussed later on, or is it simply not present in 3.2 - will I be able to simply "like" what someone has posted in 3.2?

Shaun :D

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Don't have IP.Content, but would normally make a simple app for this. However, at the moment likes are not added in the database row of a post, so you have to make a difficult join (which is very resource intensive) to come up with the posts that have received the most likes. Especially heavy on a big board and over a longer period of time (> 2 days or so).

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