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Download: (Pilot) Facebook Like and Send Button

Jonathan Nelson

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File Name: (Pilot) Facebook Like and Send Button
File Submitter: Jonathan Nelson
File Submitted: 26 Apr 2011
File Updated: 26 Apr 2011
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This hook adds the new Facebook Like and Send button to the bottom of all topics.

From Tools & Settings > System Settings > System > Facebook Like and Send Button for IPB v3.0.x:

You can edit the following in the admin area:

  • Group Permissions
  • Enable or Disable Facebook Send
  • Custom Style and Positioning
  • Color Scheme
  • Width
  • Show or Hide Faces
  • Font
  • Layout

If you enjoy this hook, please give it a good rating for me! Thanks :-)

Click here to download this file
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So....if you press the like button it sends nothing to facebook itself but if you click send it sends the topic to facebook? Can you explain what each button does and where it goes for clarification...

Facebook is phasing out the "Share" button for sending things as a message, in favor of a new "Send" button, which will allow you to "Send" an item as an Inbox message. Like continues to publish it to your newsfeed.
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This mod is nice and works good, i have a question, is possible to put it on another location?, like after first post or above first post i mean at the top of topic, this because there would be more visible to the users.

also is possible to implement it to another applications like Blogs?

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I installed it and all javascript functions stopped working (such as "go to top" button that appears when you scroll) and others.

I uninstalled it but these are still not working.

Can you please tell me which settings does it affect during installation so i can rollover?

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I just installed this on my ipb 3.1.4 board and it does not show up at all... i mean not like i messed up not hard to install a hook... anyways any idea what is wrong... from what i read not much support on this mod soo i guess i will be unistalling it

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