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Hello guys! I have some requests.

1 - Can you please give forum admins the possibility to simplify the board? I would like to shutdown a lot of feature on the forum and that's not possible. Modularize the board somehow because it's too high tech.
For example, I want to hide some fields from the profile. Like registration date and "About Me", or I want to default hide the sidebar.
2 - When replying to a topic, put a quick quote button in the posts that are showing below.
3 - Make a SMF like SSI.php file. I want to make an app but I don't want it to be a IP.Board hook.
I include in a php file SSI.php and I will gain access to an array that contains some info about the user that is currently logged in.(ID, email, avatar, age etc).
4 - Do something with the search! Some support guys told me to blame is the MySQL driver. Well my users are telling me IP.Board is worse comparing with SMF.
5 - Make a better avatar resize when uploading, not a HTML resize.

Thanks! :thumbsup:

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the best request!!! SMF SSI rocks, but here is....poor.
Stats, latest stuffs, included in external sites...why not with the ssi of IPB? This is not the first time that I require this, and it should be something better than IP Converge and other useless and obsolete tools

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