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(DP45) Guest View Limits


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20 hours ago, GiulioPua said:

Hi @DawPi!

I love this app and I have a question: what about a small panel (like an announcement box) above topics about how many "free" pages left to the guest?

Like "Hi, you are viewing this community as a guest and you can see X pages more without registration, click here to register and lift any limitations" (where X is a countdown of pages that the guest can view)

Is it possible?

Nice one! Will concider it but I think it might be done and... will be. 😉

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This plugin is great! But I have few comments:

- I think that preview for Message Template is absolutely needed. Now I must change something and logout and try to reach limit to see how it looks.

- now message for user is on whole site and lock everything. I think that popup in facebook (or others) style will be better - to keep content in background, but show users popup to login. 

On 10/14/2020 at 9:48 PM, Sascha Prinz said:

I have an idea for future updates !

Is it possible, that you limit the first post for every guest view !? 

So every guest can read the first 10 percent of content, and then you have a button for read the full content / post if they logged in !

just like some online newspapers do, like paid memberships... 
But i don't want paid memberships, only registered members.

your app limit the complete access 🙂 thats to hard...

I agree. The app is very good, but aggressive for me in this way. It will be better if it cuts next post on same page, or shows popup on the top to log in, but now it hides everything.

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