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(DP45) Guest View Limits


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that´s great , can you please share with us the fix, would be much appreciated.

What i done first is cache the "useragents" then make a clone group from the guest group and called it "Bots" and give it the same settings as a Guest and then went in the ACP and then "Search Engine Optimization" in there i change the setting "Treat Search Engine as part of which group?" to the clone group i made as bots,i've done this over 3 hrs now and the bots is still online also my google webmaster tools have no errors also the site map.
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it's works fine on 3.2 -> (DP32) this mean that mod is compatible with the IP.Board 3.2.

haha thanks for the reply man. Woulda been awesome to know this while the $5 deal was going on :P eitherway, will be purchasing it in the future so good looking out :)
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Where can I find this setting (Treat Search Engine as part of which group?) in IPB 3.2?

The app is blocking the bots.

Thank you.

same problem here, check this post out though http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/342979-trying-to-figure-out-2-errors/page__hl__treat+search+engine__fromsearch__1
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How to change this :

You've exceeded the maximum number of pages views (5) you can open as a guest. To remove this message and become a member please register a free account or login. It will only take a few moments and you'll be able to view board normally.

i search in Languages, but i cant find it.

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  • Daniel F changed the title to (DP45) Guest View Limits

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