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3.2 More Twitter options please


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With Twitter Connect on please add the following settings:

1. Turn Twitter login (registration) on/off. (Too many inactive accounts, also current users log in with Twitter not knowing it creates a new account. They just want to sync with Twitter, which they can do in their settings if it is on.)
2. Turn status update integration on/off.

This way, a user can enter their Twitter details, and when they click to share a link it uses the bit.ly condensed address since it is using the API, whilst allowing admins to control if those updates should appear on the forum, and if they want to allow logins.

OR, with Twitter Connect OFF please keep the settings on the user side. I know this is possible because I have Twitter Connect off, and my settings no longer show, but the system still uses the API and my details when I Tweet a link. An account that has no details uses the Twitter site. So the settings are in the db, just not manageable anymore, and not available for new users since they are hidden.

Basically I just want more control, but the most important thing is I just want the ability to have users enter their details so it uses the API to Tweet with the bit.ly URL because without that the URLs take up most of the Tweet.


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Since Brandon mentioned Twitter settings will most likely not be enabled with TC off, I would ask that you please add a URL shortener that pops the URL into the Twitter window (like what AddThis does), the SEO URL is way too long to Tweet with a message!

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