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Feature Suggestion: A simple invitation system

Ankit Aggarwal

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It is such a common thing these days that communities starting out as closed community to preserve quality of discussions inside. Quora and Forrst are two such examples. But in that case, only way to spread the word is through invitations so that people with similar interest can joun in.

I am not in favor of importing gmail or facebook contacts in bulk, but there should be a feature that a person can enter 2-3 emails manually to invite their friends. The no. of invitations per person can either be fixed/month or can be based on amount of contribution.

Can we expect something like this in future?

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Any chance of having an invitation system integrated by developers, in future versions of IPB?
Especially, nowdays, when the freedom of speech will be limited, is an awsome a feature like this.A solution would be a closed/private forum and members would recommend the forum for others to join it ,trough an invitation.

I'm looking forward for this!It's a must have feature.

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