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UserCP option to disable Topic Preview


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I recently upgraded my forum from 3.0.x to 3.1.4. I installed Matt's Topic Preview hook that displays a topic preview popup when you hover over topic titles in a forum. I personally like it, but many of my users are complaining that it's rather intrusive and that it often pops up for them when they simply want to click on a title to open the thread. I know this Topic Preview will be more pervasive in 3.2.

Can you please add a User Control Panel option so members can individually disable this feature? I assume in 3.2 this will no longer be a hook, but will be integrated directly into the software.

Thanks for your consideration,


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The hover idea is one of those ideas that makes sense when you say it but in use it just gets in the way.

When I'm browsing other forum software that has this implemented, I'm constantly having to move my mouse as I scroll down or move to a non triggered area of the page. It's a constant annoyance.

Even on these forums, I roll over the title, the pop-up appears and starts to load and I cancel it by clicking the topic title. It just gets in the way when you are using the board IMO.

I would wait to see what we've got for 3.2. I really love it.

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