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Ability to control a Twitter Account


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Can you explain a little more, please?

I can see value in tweeting out a new topic but one must be careful with such a feature as it quickly turns to spam. You can easily plug up the boards RSS feed to a Twitter account but you will win no friends sending out dozens of links an hour or day. People get desensitised to it quickly. It's far better to have a feature that tweets out a few links a day but then you're better off manually doing this as you can select topics better than any algorithm.

We do this often if a 'tweetable' topic comes up.

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I don't know how I posted this here, it was meant to be posted on my intranet :/

I don't think IPS would implement this, since the idea may be too specialised.

It's probably more of a feature for business and the like.

Basically, it would give specific user groups or users the ability to post and see tweets from a Twitter account. It's more like an integrated Twitter client.

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