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Download: BBcode aname & ref


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File Name: BBcode aname & ref
File Submitter: najaru_1
File Submitted: 10 Apr 2011
File Category: Miscellaneous XML Files

This 2 BBCodes will allow users to make aname links in posts or in topic. You have to use the both bbcode.

[arefname='destination1']Title 1 in index[/arefname] .

. .
.. . [anamedest='destination1']Title of destination[/anamedest]

You have to use the same name option destination1 in both code.

Click here to download this file

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It's like for a Table of Contents. You define a link that will go somewhere else on the page, and you define that other place it goes to. So one could see a link that refers to a section below, and clicking on that link takes you immediately to that other section on the page.

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