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Download: IPContent HoverFeeds Block Set

Marcher Technologies

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File Name: IPContent HoverFeeds Block Set
File Submitter: Marcher Technologies
File Submitted: 07 Apr 2011
File Updated: 14 Jul 2011
File Category: IP.Content Blocks

Clean up your Homepage and Make your RSS/IPB feeds shine with IPContent HoverFeed Blocks.
This Package includes:
1: 1 Forum data specific IPB feed block.
2: 1 Article-specific feed Block, "Teaser" custom field enabled.
3: 1 Generic-use RSS feed block.
I would be happy to code hover blocks for other IPB apps for Purchasers for free, provided I can add them to this package upon completion.
4: The script(small prototype library script)
5: CSS for IPB default skin
Again, I would be happy to reskin this for free for Purchasers, provided I can add the resultant script specific css to this Package.

Click here to download this file

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