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Feature Request: Debugging Information


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I recently went to Tools & Settings > System Settings > System > General Configuration and went to the Other General Settings section and changed my Debug Level to level 3.
I then found out that this was readily viewable to the entire world.

I would advise including an additional option to select who this debugging information is viewable (ie. selecting member names and selecting user groups) if you set your debugging level to anything besides 0.

Temporary Fix:

In order to make it viewable ONLY to me any time I saw:


I had to change it to:

<if test="$this->memberData['member_id'] == 1">



That way it would only be viewable to me, the administrator (and no one else).

I seriously believe that the majority of your userbase do NOT want this information to be available to the public when they turn the debugging level above 0.

If the administrator wants the information made available to any member/user group besides themselves (ie. if they need help) then it should be easy to give and remove those permissions with this added feature.

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