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Prefix suggestion for 3.2


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absolutely agreed!!!

filtering by tags in similar fashion as we filter my author, by last posts date, ect.

A really needed feature!

Yes, hopefully blocks will be able to filter on tags. That would be invaluable in building specific subject focused landing pages. :)
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To add on to this, I'd like to see almost like a dropdown or something with check boxes so if there are multiple prefixes people want to see, they can. So for my site I would have these prefixes

I'd like to have the ability for users to choose 2 or more at once, so if they want to see what applies to only xbox 360 and also the one that applies for all platforms, then that's what they can pick. I hope this makes sense (and that people want it lol).

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If you click on a tag, it will show you a list of all content tagged the same.

This is good but then you must first find a topic with the tag you want to search for. Is it not possible to search for topics with tag: <input> in the search-page?
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