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nginx - ip.content VERY slow

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hi, first of all i just opened a ticket, but im also opening this topic so i can share the solution if i have one or also get some advice...

Ticket content:

hi... im having an issue with ip.content which is VERY VERY slow,

i have this problem on the main site (ip.content as front page) but not in the forums, members/ip.subscriptions areas... also if i go to /index.php?app=css

the time from enter to after i get content is near 5 seconds

i have reduced the timeout of php-fpm and i got the next in the slow log:

Apr 02 20:42:38.017811 [pool www] pid 4156

script_filename = /server/root/ipbga/index.php

[0x00000000018d2e68] getimagesize() /server/root/admin/sources/base/core.php:3038

[0x00000000018ce0d8] getTemplateDimensions() /server/root/ipbga/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/sources/pages.php(416) : eval()'d code:4617

[0x00000000018ca190] template_frontpage() /server/root/ipbga/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/sources/articles.php:942

[0x00000000018c7ed0] _getDatabaseFrontpage() /server/root/ipbga/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/sources/articles.php:302

[0x00000000018c7cd0] getDatabase() /server/root/ipbga/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/sources/articles.php:65

[0x00000000018c7908] getArticles() /server/root/ipbga/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/sources/pages.php:541

[0x00000000018c5240] getArticles() /server/root/ipbga/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/sources/pages.php:197

[0x00000000018c4748] recachePage() /server/root/ipbga/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/modules_public/pages/pages.php:647

[0x00000000018c1bb0] _getPageContent() /server/root/ipbga/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/modules_public/pages/pages.php:467

[0x00000000018c0f38] _view() /server/root/ipbga/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/modules_public/pages/pages.php:120

[0x00000000018c0de0] doExecute() /server/root/ipbga/admin/sources/base/ipsController.php:285

[0x00000000018c08c0] execute() /server/root/ipbga/admin/sources/base/ipsController.php:112

[0x00000000018c06d0] handleRequest() /server/root/ipbga/admin/sources/base/ipsController.php:65

[0x00000000018c04c8] run() /server/root/ipbga/index.php:26

i turned offline ip.content ant the front page with the "offline message" loads FAST/normal

i tought the issue might be with rewrite urls...but i have removed the try_files from nginx
and changed all the SEO/rewrite options from de admin panel of the forum with no sucess

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