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Count trackbacks in spam que count


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Members who submit trackbacks are not counted as posts when looking them up. I understand they are not posts so it would be nice to see an added field put into Members>Members spam que for example that could track the trackbacks posted and a warning on the systems index somewhere. I recently had over 10,000 trackback spams in my blogs and didn't know. I would of known however if that info was made available. It would show and I could resolve the trackback spam instead of not knowing without physically checking each new blog thread. Hope that makes sense.

This would without doubt help admins.

Next, let me suggest a way when someone posts over "x" amount of trackbacks (By admins setting) it stops and reports the user to the front systems page so the issue can be looked into and resolved asap.

There has to be an added safeguard imo to relieve a community of trackback spam without turning the feature off like I have.

Kind Regards

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