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Suggestion: Quick Post Preview

Angel Knight Phil

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My community has been on IP.Board for just over two months now, and my members are loving it. However, there is one feature that a few of us miss from the forum software we used to use (ZetaBoards, for reference). When posting a new topic or post on Zetaboards, the 'Preview' button is located directly below the window where you type your post. Clicking this preview button would open up a pane above where you were typing the post (in my opinion, it would be more convenient to relocate this to below the post, but I digress) where the whole post as it would appear when you actually posted it would be displayed; no reload necessary. This could be done as many times as needed without page reload, and it made the posting process much quicker, especially when composing posts with lots of complex formatting and BBCode.

I know it's probably too late in the 3.2 development cycle to implement a feature like this, but maybe it could be something to consider for 3.3 or beyond?

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