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Download: (XS31) IE Takedown


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File Name: (XS31) IE Takedown
File Submitter: .Peter
File Submitted: 29 Mar 2011
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

IE Takedown simply informs your users if their version is outdated, based on settings you supply. The hook defaults to informing users if they are using Internet Explorer 6 or older, however you can choose to inform your users even if they're on IE 8.

The internet and its' languages are progressing at such an amazing rate, with HTML 5 and CSS 3 combined with jQuery the powers are nearly endless, however many websites are having to "dumb" up their source code to provide backward compatibility to older browsers, especially to the older versions of Internet Explorer.

Now you can do your part as a web owner and help the internet out by putting more people on an up-to-date browser.

To install the hook simply log in to your ACP. On the left menu you will see a "Manage Hooks", click that. Once on that page scroll to the bottom and you'll see an option to install a new hook. Install the hook and the settings can be found under the "Hooks" tab in the System Settings area of your ACP.

If everything works you should never even know that it's on your website! (Unless you're using an outdated version of IE, in which case, shame on you.)

Enjoy! And thank you for doing your part!

See the demo http://neen.biz - Note that the demo will only work if you're using IE8 and below.

Click here to download this file

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Hi Peter.

Thanks for this hook.

How to change the text in orange message?

The text is an image. It was provided by Microsoft on this website: http://www.ie6countd...om/join-us.html I'm not sure if they have a version in Italian but you could just re-make the image an edit the hook. Or if you wanted if you could get one of your members to re-do the image in Italian I'll re-write the hook for you.

EDIT: Actually on second thought I think I'll get a second version of the hook. It'll have text instead of an image.
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i have find the code in hook, and i can easly change the images, but..... you dont think that can be better to use a html-css message instead image? with text message you can (maybe) put and acp field to customize it......

I'll do that for version 1.1
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Guest Timele

This encourages users to keep using IE. Why don't you do the world a favor and echo "Get rid of IE or your face will melt with frustration." :)

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except it won't, if you're a smart web developer building sites compatible with IE is easy...if however you are a mildly retarded nerd, it can indeed be frustrating

Not true. This hook was specifically designed to be-rid the world of IE6 as a supporter of this website http://www.theie6countdown.com/default.aspx. This website is owned and operated by Microsoft itself so obviously they can tell that no one should be using IE6.
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