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LIcense Documentation and support price.


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I am Invision user for now 6 year; I baught IP.Board perpetual license thinking that perpetual means like other software no extra payement after first one and my first surprise was to see that perpetual means you have the usage of the software for perpetual time not the upgrade nor the support...and you have to pay each year 30$... then I earn IP.blog, IP.content, IP.gallery, IP.downloads and here you have to pay 90$ for one year support... ok not that expensive? 120$ each year...for company surely not but for artists... and where is the commercial advantage for fidelity? Could be a good idea no to make an "upgrade package", let say for 4 support license you got one free?

One more question where is the option to be able to buy a lifetime license? I see no documentation about this :blink: .

This said, exept IP.blog very disapointing :( (WordPress kill it), I love IP.Board... great work.

Let me know! :shifty:

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