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Include SQL language update query in language pack menu


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I was making changes to a default language pack copy but they were not getting to the interface. AndyF gave me this advice in http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/334550-language-pack-edits-not-taking-effect/page__p__2092543__fromsearch__1#entry2092543:

Go back to the Language Manager, and hover over the pack to see the URL. Get the ID out of the end of the url, such as &id=X

Go to the Support tab > SQL Toolbox and scroll down to the end, the "manual query" window and run this:

UPDATE members SET language = X

Replace X with the correct ID for the pack, take care to not get this wrong as odd things can happen if you choose a lang ID that does not exist.

Like every one else, looks like I'll be running that sql query every so often. Maybe language pack menu should include this option?

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Tell you what I just thought about (and went and checked)

There's a tool not present in 3.x that was in 2.x:

Although I've only just really remembered about that, after all this time :blush: :D

I doubt it is worth adding one back, as I say I've only just realised myself. I normally just provide the query / instructions as above when someone has created a new pack and wants to switch everyone to it. Certainly only needs running once when you initially have finished with the new pack. :)

The only possible 'suggestion' I have is to include a quick option in the dropdown, 'Switch everyone to this pack' or suchlike, but again probably not really needed. I think I'll write a quick article on this.

EDIT... Done, here

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