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Is my custom skin going to break in 3.2.0?


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I'm pretty excited about all the new stuff in IP.board 3.2. However, I read [url=" blog post a few months ago, and would like more information. Specifically, the post said:

...although skins on 3.1 and below will not work on 3.2, the update process for those older skins will not require a 100% rewrite as many elements will be shared between the old and new versions.

Is there any more specific info on this? I have a custom skin for my IP.board forums. It's mostly just custom colors with no layout or functionality changes. (IP.Content, however, is heavily custom-written)

Thanks! Jason
  1. [*]Will I have to re-do my custom skin for IP.board? [*]Will these changes in IP.Board 3.2 affect my IP.Content skin? [*]How do I determine if my skin will be crushed by an upgrade?

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This is a touchy area that comes up with nearly every upgrade, especially with new customers that have not been through upgrades yet.

When we release major releases with a new interface, it almost always entails updating custom skins. There's simply no way around this. We have a merge center to help you merge changes together (and improvements have been/are being made to make it easier to use as well) but ultimately there's virtually no way to provide a new interface and still have an older skin still work. It's just a technological challenge that most software that can be customized runs into.

Your IP.Content pages will not necessarily be affected, however if you are inheriting the board wrapper there may be some elements you'll want to update to make them more consistent.

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